Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Second Interview - How to ACE it!

You scored that illusive second interview. Great job! The company saw something in you and you are under serious consideration for the job. They liked you!

Now, it's time to wow them. Don't go in thinking you've aced it and are definitely in. I've seen more people blow this final step to the job than get it.  The questions might be tougher and some questions might be the same as last interview.

If they asked you to tell of an incident where your strength of customer service, organization, or handling difficult people showed through, don't use the same story you used in interview one. Make sure you have another event ready to tell.
I know sometimes it's hard to think on your feet when facing two or more professionals staring at you from across the desk. Prepare before you get there.

What are your strengths?
The second interview usually puts you in with bosses at a higher level. If they ask about your strengths it's time to list them. Not a time to brag, but state the facts. Are you good at computers? Organization? Selling? Tell them that and give some details. Why are you good at computers? Know Excel, Outlook, Publisher? What kind of databases have you worked in? Organizational skills? Do you put everything on a spread sheet? Believe in keeping accurate files so anyone can find things easily? How long have you been selling and what are your sales numbers?

That second interview can get you the job. Just make sure you go in prepared. Dress to impress, think over what you're going to say, and sell yourself!
Good luck out there!

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