Friday, October 21, 2016

Pro-ACTIVE Job Hunting

Face it. Job hunting can be a killer of time and ego. Staying positive after interviews that go nowhere or resumes sent and never responded to, can be hard.
That feeling of hopelessness is your ego speaking. It's telling you you're not great or capable or likable, but don't believe it. Our ego is full of is doubt, insecurity, and self hate and gets you nowhere. So, what do you do when you're sinking down that sucking ego drain?

Flip it into the back seat!

There's no room in the forefront of your life for negative people and there's no room for negative ego speak. Bash it, trash it and boot it to the curb.

When sending out that awesome email with the resume that you polished and shined give it the blessings of the universe and a wave and move on. If something comes of it - Great! Otherwise, don't give it a second thought. Move on and send out the next resume. Know the right one will come back to you.

Had an interview and thought you aced it but no one called. Their loss. You are awesome and the company you are destine to work at will call. Look to the next interview. Practice answering questions in the mirror. Look up more questions that could be asked on the Internet and practice those. Review what you say and decide if you're giving too much info or not enough. Practice makes perfect. Go on all the interviews you can get even if the job isn't quite what you're looking for, it's still good practice.

Plan your day.
Resumes can be sent out any time but if you're sending them out at 3 a.m., the HR person might catch that time when it comes into her email and wonder what you're doing up in the middle of the night. Try not to send them after midnight or before 5 a.m. Play the odds.

Maybe your resume needs a second look?
 A professional resume service might be out of your budget but ask your friends and family (those who have a good job) and get their opinion. Edits may be necessary. Spell and grammar check!
Read that resume out loud. You'll be amazed at the typos you can catch when you read out loud.

Got a cover letter? Make it short and sweet, hitting on your best selling points. (Yes, your resume and cover letter sells you. It's your marketing tool.) Read it out loud. Get someone else's opinion. Edit it a bit to fit the job you're applying for.

Now! Go forth and conquer! Be bold! Be unstoppable! Get the job!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Jobs are Out There...

I've taken jobs that were beneath my skill set, but I did it with a plan. I chose businesses with potential. I looked at the size of the company and found out they promoted from within. So, I took the leap. People who knew me, knew what I could do, thought I was crazy to devalue myself like that, but I had a feeling this company was a place where I could use my skills and eventually advance.
I wasn't wrong.

I interviewed, the interviewer.

I asked about room for advancement.
      The answer to this question is very important. When a company promotes from within it means they recognize talent. If you can get into a place where they promote from within, and have the skills they need, you will advance.

I asked when the interviewer started with the company and what they liked best about working there.
    Listen up! Do they like the environment? The challenges? Do they say anything negative at this point?

How many departments make up the business?
     This can be especially important when interviewing for a small business. Do they only have a front desk and you'll be it? (Still not a deal breaker, but important depending on your skill set) Could you start in the department that's open and maybe advance to where you want to be?

Factor in the following;
     Can you afford to put the work into a job with the possibility of moving up? Can you afford not to? Remember, taking this job does not stop you from finding another later.
     Is this a job/industry you can be happy with for a while? It may take a year or more to get where you want to be. Patience is required.

     Are you ready to go for it?