Sunday, July 26, 2015

What NOT to Bring to Your Interview

Please don't bring your mama, girlfriend, bestie, coworker, or any other human. It makes you look, well...stupid? Needy? Scared? Do you really need someone to hold your hand? Are you that immature?

Put on your best, most professional clothes, comb your hair, brush your teeth, and grab that folder with your resume and references.

Everything could look great, but if you walk in with a friend it shows the employer two things.

  • You're not mature enough to do things by yourself
  • You're not serious about getting a job. 
Bringing a friend to your job interview or when you walk in to ask for an application with a buddy, makes you look like you're socializing and applying for the job as an after thought. "Let's get pizza. Hey, why don't we fill out an application and get pizza." 

A job hunt is a job hunt. Make it your priority and leave the extra human at home. They contribute nothing and may distract the bosses from anything you have to offer. 

Good luck! 

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