Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fix Your Resume

Your resume is usually the first impression a potential employer will get of you.
It's an important the resume is properly formatted and free from spelling errors. Leave the fancy fonts for birthday cards and make it Times New Roman and 12 pt font. Basic, simple and to the point. You want them impressed with your content and not distracted by bold, crazy fonts.

So lets go! Build that resume;

Center on top your name address, phone and email. 
John Smith
00 Somewhere St
City, State Zip code

Right under that you can put a short statement but this is optional. I usually leave it off. 
Under that should be your experience. 


Place of Employment                                                        City, State
Position                                                                             May 2013 - June 2015

Write a couple of sentences about what you did here.
"Coordinated day to day work flow of the office with special emphasis on processing sales and maintaining database."
Then bullet your skills. 

  • Maintained sales database
  • Processed incoming contracts
  • Payroll
Do this for your last few jobs. After your experience comes education

BS in Business from Some College 

Do any community service? Volunteer work? Put that next.

Community Service
5K for Cancer
Ran food drive for animal rescue
Boy Scout leader
School volunteer

After that list any special credits you have. Win an award for anything? Do any online writing, publishing, 

Now the important part. SPELL CHECK! Read it over a few times. Read it out loud to be sure all your sentences make sense. Ask a friend or spouse to read it for you. Double check your email address and phone number. You want them to reach you so make sure that stuff is correct. 

Now that your resume is polished --->Go forth and conquer!   

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