Monday, September 5, 2016

10 Things that Matter in an Interview

Walking into an interview for a job you really want can be a little scary...okay, down right terrifying.

You wear a suit, make sure you're perfectly groomed; hair combed, shoes shined. What else can you do?

It's the small things that matter and  here's a few to remember when you walk in that door;

  1. Turn off your cell phone. Or better yet, leave it in the car. The interviewer will be able to hear it vibrate and yes, it will be a distraction. 
  2. Bring a folder with all necessary information; copy of your resume, list of references, copy of any additional certifications that may apply. (Do not rely on your cell phone to look things up - remember, you left it in the car.) Using a simple folder will keep your papers neat and organized.
  3. Smile. Put your friendly face on. Most places want to hire nice people. A smile reflects an amicable personality. 
  4. Remember your manners. Shake hands, say thank you where applicable. 
  5. Be nice to everyone you meet inside and outside the building. You never know who has the bosses ear. 
  6. Think before you blurt out an answer to the interviewers questions. Taking a few seconds to form the answer in your brain is okay. Don't leave them hanging for minutes, but considering your answer will help you give a more concise answer. 
  7. Study the hard questions. The Internet is full of practice interview questions to help you. Reading them and thinking of your answers will give you an edge when something like them comes up in an interview. 
  8. Be ready for that empty space in an interview. Seasoned interviewers will let you talk. They keep quiet and listen. Know this empty space, when you're doing all the talking, is where they get a lot of information. Be ready for it. It's your time to "sell" yourself. Keep your words positive and upbeat. 
  9. Why did you/are you leaving your last job? Be careful with this question. Never say anything bad about an ex-employer. Even if the work place was horrible, keep your words positive. Saying things like, "There was no room for advancement," or "I felt there wasn't an opportunity to fully used my talents," are better answers. Just be ready to back them up with facts. 
  10. Be ready for: Do you have any questions for us? Before arriving you should have Googled the company and done some research. At this point you can bring that up if you don't have any other questions. 
Good luck out there!