Wednesday, July 27, 2016

That Stand-Out Resume

What makes a resume stand out to a potential employer?
That's a great question because it could be different for everyone.

First; easy to read format. 

  • List your jobs with dates (or at least months; May 2012 - February 2015)
  • Under each job list your responsibilities for that position
  • Include any special skills (Excel, PowerPoint, Contractor/Machine skills)
  • End with education. (note to older crowd- you don't need the year a simple; Business BA, Computer BS is fine)
Cover letter? Think outside the box. 

When writing your brief cover letter think about why you're a good fit for the job. Is there a personal connection to this type of work? Did your family own a construction company so you know the business from the inside out? Have you been working construction since 1998? What will make your letter stand out among the 100's of others? 

Is a follow up okay?

Usually, giving a call to follow up after you send a resume isn't a bad idea. It shows you're interested. Just don't sound desperate and don't give ultimatums. 
Keep it simple, ask if they received your resume and if they have any further questions you can answer. End with a simple, "I'd love to come in and talk with you about the position."

Go forth and conquer! The perfect job is out there...and you will find it if you don't give up.