Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weird Job Interview Questions; Be Prepared

Some employers go above and beyond to get the truth out of you. They want to know who you are, your work ethic, and how you'd handle extreme situations. To do this they ask lots of questions, some of which they might have downloaded off the Internet. (Google that!)

These could include;

1. Tell me about a situation at your last job where you had to deal with an angry customer?
     ~Don't tell them you yelled back or hung up the phone. That is very bad customer service and will lose you the job. Instead, talk about how you defused the situation by staying calm and offering a solution.

2. What would you do if you realized you made a big mistake at work?
     ~This is a hard one. If you admit to a mistake, don't make it too big a mistake. Think of an easily rectifiable one, or something equally insignificant. Everyone makes mistakes. Here you can interject how you're always careful and double check your work to avoid such situations.

3. Tell me about your the worst thing that ever happened to you on the job?
     ~This could be something as simple as a customer getting upset, but you can use this to explain how you helped the customer. Or it could be a situation that was beyond your control such as computer failure and losing work and how now you auto-save everything. Spin it to the positive.

4. Do you have any super powers?
     ~ A surprise question but one you can use to sell yourself. Tell them you are well organized, see all projects through to completion, love a challenge, etc.

Of course there are questions they can't ask such as age, lifestyle choices, or religion. (Except if it were a church hiring you-then religion would be a topic.)

Questions you should always prepare for;

1. Why haven't you worked in a year?
     ~ Be honest but don't explain too much. Tell them you have been looking for a job that offered....whatever this place offers? Do your homework and know the company to which you are applying. If there were any other factors, explain them in a way that you don't look lazy or like a moocher.

2. Why do you switch jobs every two years?
     ~ Again, be honest but put a positive spin on it. You left one for a better job offer or the new company had sudden layoffs?

3. What skills can you bring to this job?
     ~Another sell-yourself opportunity. Keep it positive. Make your answer expound on your get-the-job-done, and work-hard-with-enthusiasm ethics. Good computer skills? Product knowledge? Technical skills? Experience? Say it now!

4. Can you supply references?
     ~Go in with at least 3 references in writing. Preferably names of previous employers or coworkers. Keep them in your pocket (neatly-in an envelope) so they're ready to hand over when asked.

5. Tell us about the accomplishments you're most proud of?
     ~Although we love our kids, find something else. Make it something about you. Big project you worked on? Did you run the NYC marathon? Volunteer work?

Should you get that second interview - know they might ask the same questions but want different answers. The second interview is usually a step up. You'll probably be interviewing with a higher ranking boss and he might want to know something that's not in the notes of the first interviewer. So, think of other answers that will still leave them feeling positive.

Practice your answers. Are you ready to spout off answers to these questions?

Practice. Practice. Practice 

Look up other interview questions on the Internet and have your answers ready. Interviews can be nerve wracking, but if you practiced your answers, you'll be more apt to remember them when asked.

Good luck and Go Get 'Em!

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