Sunday, June 7, 2015

Job Interview BUST!

You scored that illusive second interview. Yehaw!
So, why did you tank?

Best piece of advice; Think before you speak.

Last interviewee that came into our company was great. A perfect fit for the company. The interviewers were impressed. They call in another manager to talk to the woman. He lasts in there for ten short minutes. Then she's walking out the door and he's shaking his head. So, what happened?

"I'm gonna be late some of the time. I really try to get in on time, but I just want you to know I probably will be late sometimes."


We should do a list of stupid things people say on job interviews. This woman evidently didn't want the job. Maybe she was on unemployment and just came to the interview to have something to tell the unemployment office? Because no one who wants the job would admit to being late.

More interview killers?

"I used to do drugs, so I dropped out of college but now I really need a job."
Never tell them you used to do drugs!

"I'm gonna need a lot of time off in the summer, because I have kids."
Don't apply for a full time job if  you can't work it. 

"Can you hire my friend too? He's in the lobby."
Never bring a friend to an interview.

"Sorry, I'm late. I couldn't find the place."
Be smart. Go the day before and find the place so you'll be on time.

"I'm not very organized."
Speak only of your strengths.

Remember you're there to sell yourself. No one wants to hire a problem. Brag a little, tell them everything you do well and list your attributes.  Another biggie? Dress well. Suits are the number one choice for men and women. It tells the company I respect you and really want the job. Even if you're interviewing at a construction company or warehouse, wear the suit.

Good luck! Its a jungle out there...

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