Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Jobs are Out There...

I've taken jobs that were beneath my skill set, but I did it with a plan. I chose businesses with potential. I looked at the size of the company and found out they promoted from within. So, I took the leap. People who knew me, knew what I could do, thought I was crazy to devalue myself like that, but I had a feeling this company was a place where I could use my skills and eventually advance.
I wasn't wrong.

I interviewed, the interviewer.

I asked about room for advancement.
      The answer to this question is very important. When a company promotes from within it means they recognize talent. If you can get into a place where they promote from within, and have the skills they need, you will advance.

I asked when the interviewer started with the company and what they liked best about working there.
    Listen up! Do they like the environment? The challenges? Do they say anything negative at this point?

How many departments make up the business?
     This can be especially important when interviewing for a small business. Do they only have a front desk and you'll be it? (Still not a deal breaker, but important depending on your skill set) Could you start in the department that's open and maybe advance to where you want to be?

Factor in the following;
     Can you afford to put the work into a job with the possibility of moving up? Can you afford not to? Remember, taking this job does not stop you from finding another later.
     Is this a job/industry you can be happy with for a while? It may take a year or more to get where you want to be. Patience is required.

     Are you ready to go for it?

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